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We understand our client’s needs, and we always put them first – no matter the size or complexity.  Our clients trust us to provide creative solutions for their most complex challenges, to execute professional and flawless events, and to do this while exercising extreme discretion when necessary.  It’s all part of our service commitment.

We deliver a higher standard of ingenuity, quality and professionalism and offer world-class technical expertise to support our customer’s challenging needs. We partner with our clients to produce smooth and engaging online events that inspire their attendees.  Our technology portfolio, level of service, industry experience, attention to detail, and anticipation of challenges are the primary reasons we maintain long term relationships with our customers.

We invite you to partner with us.  We guarantee your audience and stakeholders will be impressed

Our History

In the late 1990s, a pioneering American company introduced a groundbreaking online solution that revolutionized how public companies communicate with shareholders across the globe. This innovation was a cutting-edge blend of live streaming video, interactive slides, and two-way audience participation, marking the inception of the first commercial webcast. The company behind this revolutionary product was Visual Data Corporation.

Evolution of Onstream Media

As the digital age progressed, the adoption of webcasting technology became widespread, transforming the way millions of people connect with audiences every day. Riding the wave of this technological boom, Visual Data Corporation expanded its horizons, evolving into Onstream Media. This strategic growth was bolstered by key acquisitions, including Infinite Conferencing, a premium service provider in audio and web conferencing. These strategic moves fortified Onstream Media’s webcasting services, catering to the diverse needs of over 2,000 clients and propelling the company to achieve a market cap of $250 million on the NASDAQ. 

The Birth of Xcyte Digital

In its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in communication technologies, Onstream Media spearheaded the creation of Xcyte Digital. This new venture is designed to be a dynamic acquisition entity, with a laser focus on integrating seasoned, top-tier, event and immersive companies from around the world. With over three decades of expertise in serving the multi-billion dollar communication industry, Xcyte Digital stands on the cusp of a promising future, poised to redefine the landscape of immersive communication solutions.

Xcyte Digital represents the next chapter in this legacy of innovation, embodying the spirit of pioneering solutions that meet the evolving demands of global communications. With a solid foundation and a visionary approach, Xcyte Digital is set to continue this tradition of excellence, driving the future of immersive communication technologies.

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